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Forex Pair Trading: Simplified Excellence

Dive into the intricate world of currency pair trading within the Forex market. Discover the strategies, insights, and tools that empower traders to navigate the dynamic landscape of foreign exchange.


Maximize Forex's Power with Foreign Currencies


Lowest spreads

The difference between the bid and ask prices is the narrowest for currency pairs.


Smallest market entry cost

Begin with as little as 25 USD and trade your way towards bigger and more profitable orders.


Highest trading volume

Organisations and private traders perform thousands of currency operations every second.

Pips Market

Biggest leverage

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We Don’t Charge Any Hidden Commissions

Trust is our most valued asset. That’s why our trading conditions are as transparent as they can be. No commissions on deposits, withdrawals, and orders, and no unpleasant surprises. Trade with confidence.

We Allow Auto Trading

Do you want trading bots to earn money for you? Use Expert Advisor, cBot, or other automated system and run it on your Pips Market trading account. Test the bot on our limitless demo accounts and then put it to action.

Slight movements can mean big profits

We Provide Negative Balance Protection

If your balance goes negative after an unsuccessful trade, we’ll compensate it back to zero. In this case, you won’t owe anything. Still, we recommend you to build a solid strategy and avoid opening trades without a plan.